Dry Brushing

Enjoy Radiant Skin with Dry Brushing

Enjoy radiant skin with dry brushing! Most people know that dry brushing is a wonderful tool to use to exfoliate your skin but did you know that it’s also an ideal form of therapy in addition to Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Dry brushing helps to remove toxins and reduce swelling, doing this in between your Lymphatic Drainage Massage sessions will help to speed up the recovery process after a surgical procedure, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Our skin is able to eliminate as much as 1/4 of the total toxins that our body filters out which is equivalent to up to 2 pounds of waste each day!

Dry Brushing helps with the following:

Faster elimination of toxins
Improved blood flow and circulation
Reduced cellulite
Accelerated lymphatic flow
Exfoliation of the skin
Cell regeneration

Purchase your Dry Skin Body Brush and start enjoying all of these benefits and more!

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